The Global Coalition on Women and AIDS believe that developing an accessible web site contributes to overall usability and ultimately delivers a better interface design for all users.

About this site

This site is developed to be accessible to all visitors, regardless of ability. It has been developed in line with the guidelines specified by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.


This site uses the accesskey attribute to allow you to quickly navigate through the site using your keyboard. To use accesskeys, hold down the Alt key (if you are using a PC) or the Ctrl key (if you are using a Mac), and then press the following key to jump to a page:

S - Skip to the content on a page
1 - Home page
2 - Skip to Main Navigation
3 - Skip to Sub Navigation
0 - Accessibility Information (this page).

Text Size

This site has been developed so that it is simple to increase the text size.

Internet Explorer 7
Go to the Page button. Select Text Size then Largest, or Zoom.

Internet Explorer 6
Go to the View menu. Select Text Size then Largest.


Go to the View menu. Select Text Size then Increase.


Go to the View menu. Select Zoom then choose a percentage to increase the whole page size to.

Note: You may need to refresh the page (by pressing the F5 key or pressing your browser's Refresh button) in order to see the page headings at an increased size.


Wherever possible, the code used to build this site has been validated to ensure there are no errors.