Stay abreast of the latest information and happenings related to women and AIDS across the world.

APTN: Fulfilling the right to an identity
GCWA feature story: the Asia Pacific Transgender Network
Indonesia: Positive Women’s Network takes action to address Violence against Women Living with HIV
“For many women living with HIV across our region, HIV is so much more than a health issue… HIV and violence programmes are disconnected yet both issues simultaneously impact women living with HIV.” Baby Rivona, Indonesia
PARTICIPATE: Get involved! the post-2015 world is ours to shape!
A new development framework of global priorities is being developed. This provides us all, as women’s rights, gender equality and HIV advocates with an opportunity to make sure these issues are among the global priorities.
GCWA: Statement of support on the International Day for Sex Workers: June 2, 2014
June 2 marks the anniversary of the 1975 occupation of Église Saint-Nizier in Lyon by more than a hundred sex workers. Today, June 2 is recognized as the International Day for Sex Workers, in support of the continued fight to ensure that sex workers’ lives, bodies, and work is respected.
Salamander Trust : Survey on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Human Rights of Women living with HIV
The World Health Organization (WHO) is updating its 2006 Guideline on the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Human Rights of women living with HIV. Salamander Trust is consulting women living with HIV to hear our experiences and priorities.
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