Reading List Advice: Books to Read in High School

Many high school students do not fancy the idea of reading different books to acquire more knowledge. As per the American Psychological Association study, only 20% of teenagers spend some time reading something each day, be it a newspaper, a magazine, or a book.

Reading books authored by celebrated personnel brings real value to students’ lives. However, most students focus on the theme and characters of the books before they dedicate their time to reading them. If students realize a particular book doesn’t match their expectations, they will likely engage in other activities and do away with reading. If you are in high school, a parent, or guardian, to probably know some of the best books to look out for. However, this article has simplified every high schooler’s best books in their reading lists. The books include the following:

The Secret History

Written by Donna Tartt, the novel revolves around a murder mystery by telling the story of a group of students at an England college. When you start reading, you will realize the group of students has a plan to murder one of their members. This novel will give you the reasons for such a move and how they plan to execute the whole process. In addition, the book explores the dangers of choosing illusion and isolation over reality and the entire community.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Jenny Han wrote this fascinating novel to explore the idea of crushes. The character named Lara Jean had mastered writing letters to different crushes, although she didn’t want to send them. While she wants to keep it a secret to herself, another character mails the letters unknowingly. Now, this is where the nightmares for Lara Jean begin; she has to face her fears, gain courage, and face the boys she has feelings for. This novel aims to encourage everyone to stand up for what they want and feel is right and go for it without any expectations.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

This novel features a character known as Charlier, who is poor at making friends. Charlie starts an idea of writing letters to random ghost recipients. This move encourages Charlie to become bold as he accepts his past dark events. While reading the novel, you will realize it triggers sexual abuse and mental illness in some instances. However, most parts have fancy ideas that will thrill you as you keep reading.

The Lovely Bones

If you have encountered a loss of a loved one through harsh circumstances, then this novel will bring your heart and soul to accept the realities and give you the strength you need to overcome bad memories. Alice Sebold wrote this novel featuring a family that lost a teenage girl through rape and murder. However, the gone girl watches closely from heaven as her loved ones accept the reality of what happens. Although it may sound haunting from the beginning, the novel suddenly brings hope and shows how a family can come together during a challenging moment and move forward with less pain.

Runaways by Brian K. Vaughan and Others

The authors of this novel had a great idea and wrote the ideas exploring power, sexuality, and children vs. parent’s crimes. It involves a group of teenagers who operate as one, and they came together because their parents are members of a crime syndicate. As you read through, you will have an answer as to whether children should pay or rather be responsible for the crimes of their parents.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Angie Thomas came up with this novel to explain how racism, brutality, identity, and poverty happen in school institutions. It features a black student from a private school who saw her friend get shot. Now, she doesn’t know whether to risk her life or speak out to get justice for her friend.


Reading is a fascinating idea each student should adopt. As a student, make it a habit of reading one novel in a while as you enrich yourself with adequate knowledge. You can begin with the above novels as you explore others.